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101: The Screen Lens


So its true, we spend our lives glued to screens.

Between the scrolling, trolling and all night flix rolling, now we even use our devices to administer intervals of relaxation in our days (hello meditation apps)

The prolific use of screens in our day to day lives, along with energy efficient lighting (LED and florescent light emit higher amounts of blue light than incandescent globes) is increasing our exposure to blue wavelengths, particularly at night. Blue light (over other light colours) causes the most upset to our circadian rhythms by suppressing melatonin and impacting restful sleep patterns.


What Does The Screen Lens Do?

Blocks 30% of blue light emitted from screens from reaching our eyes. This has been shown to help reduce the effects Digital Eye Strain.

 Digital Eye Strain?

Linked to disruptive sleep patterns (melatonin regulation), headaches, dry eyes, reduced attention spans and more.


Do Screen Lenses Help?

Studies are ongoing, with most anecdotal research finding users report feeling less eye strain when wearing ‘blue blocker’ eyewear.



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